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Online Dance Series Highlight Reel & Awards Day

Bravo Dancers!

Anyone can watch for free, so share this page with your friends and family. Event will be posted and shown starting at 10am awards day and be available for 7 days following the competition day. 

Expand the video player to full screen, hover on screen click diagonal arrows located in the lower right corner. Hit escape button to go to compact player.

Coming Soon...

Winter Ballroom Festival

December 26th- January 1st

Watch the Awards Show and Highlights Reel for our third competition of the 2020 Online Dance Series Season. 


  • Welcome to Winter Ballroom Festival

  • Bronze Smooth, Rhythm, Ballroom & Latin

  • A word from our Adjudicators

  • Showcase & Proficiency 

  • Silver Smooth, Rhythm

  • Open Smooth, Rhythm, Ballroom 

  • Winter Ballroom Festival Closing

Pink gold foil paper decorative texture