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Online Dance Series Highlight Reel & Awards Day

Anyone can watch for free, so share this page with your friends and family. Event will be posted and shown starting at 10am awards day and be available for 7 days following the competition day. 

Expand the video player to full screen, hover on screen click diagonal arrows located in the lower right corner. Hit escape button to go to compact player.


4th Annual

Find the Star Within Showcase 

Oct 7th - 14th

Presented by Jennifer Corey, Tom Held, & Regina Composanto

We are very excited to present Colorado dance students and professionals for our 2020 showcase.


Our showcase is an opportunity for dancers of all levels to present their work for the enjoyment of friends, family, and dance enthusiasts. We feel that no matter one's level from beginner through professional, everyone is a star and deserves to shine. It is our sincere wish that during this unique and crazy time, we have helped to bring the joy of dancing to all of those who have participated either in-person or virtually in our event, and to our online audience... enjoy!

Thank You for Joining Us,

Jennifer, Tom, & Regina

Pink gold foil paper decorative texture