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About ODS

Our Mission

To provide fun, educational, and unique competitive experiences for ballroom dance enthusiasts; while combining the opportunity to improve dancing skills and supporting one's competitive spirit; all from the comfort of your own studio. .

The Online Dance Series was created during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our hope is to provide an opportunity for students/teachers to continue to create & achieve their dance goals. As well as learning what areas of their dances look good, and what areas may need additional work. We hope that by participating in ODS events, students/teachers will receive valuable take-aways that will benefit their continued enjoyment of ballroom dancing.

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How it Works

How it Works

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Choose the event (competition/showcase) you would like to participate in from our upcoming events list. Different events will offer and highlight different divisions, levels, and age groups. Choose the appropriate level for your student - keep it classy.

Use our easy online registration form to apply for competition/showcase. You are not confirmed for the event until you receive a confirmation email from ODS.

Register early as we accept only the 1st 12 entries per division. 


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Once your registration application has been received and accepted you will receive a confirmation email from

We will be sending you a competitor packet which includes: confirmation of entries, invoice, competition song downloads to be used for your videos, and instructions on sending us your video entries. 

Time to video your competition/showcase entries. Use the songs we sent you for your division. Video  your dances with your camera or your phone.

Remember don't cut off body parts on the video, judges like seeing the entire dancer not just a head or the legs. 


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Send us your video entries using our "sending video" instructions, by the Deadline. Don't be late, as we have to send all of the video entries at the same time to our judging panels. Late video entries will be disqualified, unfortunately. 

If you have any trouble with the "sending video" instructions please contact us immediately so we can assist you. 

3 to 5 person judging panels will be judging all videos in a division using our specialized Online Dance Series scoring system. Every entry will receive a numerical score and feedback sheet.

Top 3 scores in each division will have their videos shown on our website on awards day. Winners and finalist's placements will be announced on awards day!


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Watch the top 3 in each division for free and find out where you placed on competition day with our Awards Show. Enjoy watching from the comfort of your own home with family and friends, or watch at your studio with your instructor. 

Video highlights will be available for viewing on awards day as well as up to 7 days after for your convenience. 

Scoresheets/Judge feedback will be emailed to studios or instructors. Any awards that may be awarded will be mailed to instructors/studios. 


What Should I wear for the competition?

Even though your dance entries will be videoed at your studio this is still a dancesport competition where appearance/grooming makes an impression on the judges and the top 3 finalists will have their video aired for the finals. 

We encourage you to look your best. Wearing proper shoes for dancing, wear nice practice dancewear, or your full costume you would wear at a traditional competition. Thought should go into your appearance.

*Note: during the covid 19 pandemic we welcome you to wear protective masks or gloves during your dance entries. This will not effect your scores.

How do I send my video entries to Online Dance Series?

We will be emailing you simple directions and a link for you to upload your videos to our Dropbox account.

You do not need a Dropbox account to send us your videos. Just click on the link we have provided and your videos will be uploaded to a private folder we have provided for your studio. 

Do I have to use the music you provided for my dance entries?

Yes, we have hired a professional music director Brent Thomas Mills of MusicMills to cut music special for each of our dance divisions. Each song is 1 minute in length with time for you to move to 

your next spot on the dance floor for the next dance. 

By using our music we are able to ensure that everyone is given the exact same time and tempo to dance for our judges. 

We encourage you to use your regular competition material and routines. No special choreography needed for our music. Find Music Here.

What if I receive a notice that a particular division is full?

Space is limited due to set time constraints, each division will accept only the first 12 entries (semi-final). 

If you receive a notice that a division you are trying to enter is full, we are happy to move your registration to a future ODS event. You do not pay for any events until your entry registration has been accepted.

If there are divisions that are not at full capacity  for the competition or showcase, we will take it under consideration to add additional time towards full divisions and accept additional entries. 

Can anyone watch the Highlight Reel on competition day?

Yes, on competition day we will be showing our top 3 finalists' videos online, and announcing our placements &  winners in each division. Anyone can watch online including competitors, studios, family , and friends - all at no charge!

Public comments will be disabled as we feel this is a learning environment  and though we know most comments would be positive, there are always a few that ruin it for everyone. We believe in keeping it classy.

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