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Welcome to 


The Online Dance Series provides fun, educational, and unique competitive dance experiences for ballroom dance enthusiasts.


Combining the opportunity to improve dancing skills while supporting one's competitive spirit; all from your own dance studio space.

Create & Achieve Your Ballroom Dancing Goals from Anywhere

Upcoming Events

April 10th,2022
Find the Star Within 
Online Edition
Denver, Colorado

About Us

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Created during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jennifer Corey &  Taylor Westfall wanted to provide an opportunity for students and teachers to continue to create & achieve their ballroom dancing goals. 

Having competed for many years, we realized that this unique competition experience could benefit us all during the pandemic, but also help students & teachers anytime of year. ODS events are perfect for both the student who normally cannot afford a competition, as well as your avid competitor that wants valuable feedback from judges as a preparation tool for their next traditional in-person competition event.


Our events are inclusive to those that have medical conditions that may prevent them normally from participating in ballroom competitions, or currently can not dance with their partner or teacher do to the pandemic. 


The idea of online dance competitions for ballroom dancers blossomed into not only a new way to participate in ballroom competitions from your own studio, but also a new scoring system was developed with the goal of the Online Dance Series being an additional tool for students to improve dancing skills through adjudicators' scores and written comments/feedback .  

ODS is by no means a replacement for the traditional dancesport and ballroom competitions we all love, but instead we see ODS as a distinctive competitive activity with it's own style and benefits. 


Benefits Include :

  • Continuing to create and achieve your dancing goals.

  • A "non-real time" online event. Video at your convenience on lessons, where ever your dancing space may be.

  • Receiving valuable feedback with your scores from judges.

  • A great way for students on a budget to participate in competitions. 

  • An inclusive way for anyone that may have medical conditions that are restrictive for a traditional competition experience; such as travel, or length of time in a ballroom.  

  • Preparing for traditional dancesport competitions. More exposure to different judges and their opinions.

  • Ability to dance and compete from anywhere at your convenience!

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Judging &


Judges are successful dancers, competitors, and coaches. 

Our specialized scoring system is a helpful tool for competitors to become better dancers and competitors.   

Score & Feedback Sheet Example 

Judging Criteria and Concepts used by ODS

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Awards Day

Watch our awards show as we announce final placements and feature the videos of the top 3 scores in each division in the highlight reel! 

Video highlight reel will be available for viewing competition day & up to 7 Days after, watch at your convenience. 

Competitors, Friends, & Family all get to watch for FREE!

Watch NOW
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Entry Form &


Register for the upcoming event with our easy online entry form & registration. Once we have received your entry forms you will receive a Competitor's Welcome Packet email:


  • A confirmation of your entries (the number of entries are limited; you are not confirmed for that event/division until you receive confirmation email). 

  • An invoice

  • Music files that must be used for your entries if entering a competition. Not applicable to showcases.

  • Instructions on how to upload your video entries to us. 

Don't delay, space is limited!

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